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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

#indie30 Day 15: If you Could Pick Any Country in Asia to Visit, Which Would it be and Why?

I have two answers to this question.

If I wasn't afraid

There is no doubt it would be Afghanistan. I want to meet the people and see what they are really like -beyond the preconceived notion of my mind shaped by none other than the media.

I also want to meet our servicemen and women. Make them a meal. Toss a ball. Listen to THEIR stories. Or just sit and be quiet offering any kind of support I could, hoping they know how much I appreciate their sacrifices for our country.

And I want to have tea with this guy:

Photo from Good website
This piece by Good is a fantastic photo blog of life in Afghanistan.

Fear for my safety keeps me from going. It's a shame because so many people treated Colombia (my mother's home country for those new to my blog) that way for so long. I've always known it as just beautiful. I wonder if the people of Afghanistan feel the same about their home.

If I was going on a leisurely vacation

Brunei. The second smallest country in Asia. Partly, because I think most people go to the Maldives and I like to get off the beaten path.

I'd love to explore the region...but truth be told THIS is REALLY why:
Photo by Andrew Chieng

Brunei is still a lesser known dive spot. I'd love to get there before too many people find out about it!

UPDATE 5/16/2014: When I wrote this piece the new law in Brunei passed down by Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah had not passed. Because of his stance and brutal attack on basic human rights, I would no longer endorse travel to Brunei.

Of course, I'm not picky. Give me a suitcase and a plane ticket and I'll happily go just about anywhere!

Have you been to lesser known areas of Asia? What are your favorites?


  1. Excellent choices! Brunei would definitely be off the beaten path.

    1. Thank you. Ahhh dreaming of warm waters for diving.


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